Pro-Nazi hate mail sent in protest of Sniper Elite V2 Hitler DLC

Sniper Elite V2 developer Rebellion surprised by the amount of hate mail from Hitler lovers after announcing "Kill Hitler" DLC.

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Smashbro292385d ago

Kill Hitler?! Sign me up!

Adexus2385d ago

Someone likes Hitler...

chriski3332385d ago

What!? Hahaha that's funny. Oh wait its for real.......... yup still funny.

CarlitoBrigante2384d ago

I feel bad for Hitler to star in such a shitty game, I deserve to kill him in a better game.


i killed hitler in wolfenstein back in the day!

omi25p2384d ago

Sh*tty game? I think Sniper Elite V2 is brilliant.

Fylus2384d ago

@omi, speak for yourself.

Regent_of_the_Mask2385d ago

So people that hate the DLC are Hitler lovers now? Is that how they're trying to advertise their game?

MrBeatdown2385d ago

I'm guessing the number of looney Hitler lovers out there outnumber the Hitler-killing DLC haters.

SpartanGR2385d ago

Their families probably survived the holocaust...

AtomicGerbil2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

You have to he kidding me?

Hitler ordered the cold bloodied murder of millions, but it's a huge no-no for anybody to fictitiously kill him?

Just wow!

SnakeCQC2385d ago

lol people probably hate that its dlc and combines the bush administration and obama have killed over a million muslims in a illegal war in a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 if there was a game to kill one of them would there be hate mail death threats and a story on every conservative news channel? hell yes there would

AtomicGerbil2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

Yes, you are probably right, but I wouldn't be on that bandwagon if that's what you are implying.

h311rais3r2384d ago

Proof? No? Every war is illegal. Get over it.

Jobesy2384d ago

@ Erudito87, if you think that the US government is the shot callers in this "war on terror" you have a lot to learn. Believe it or not, but so called "world leaders" take their orders from people with more power.

humbleopinion2384d ago

Hitler is already dead and there's a pretty unanimous agreement that he was a tyrant, which is a bit different from a game set to kill people who are still alive which can be considered hate speech (although I'm pretty there are plenty of flash games where you can kill Obama or Bush).
There's actually nothing new about this as Wolfenstein 3D already let you kill Hitler about two decades ago. And games like Civilization let you kill Abe Lincoln and yet nobody protests against that as well...

Not to mention, the "illegal war" you mention also ended the tyranny regime of Saddam Hussein, who was himself responsible for killing millions of muslims. In fact, history proved again and again the best people at killing muslims are muslim tyrants themselves: Just check what's going on right now in Syria for a brief glimpse.

Hicken2384d ago

So what's a legal war, and how is it any different from an ILLEGAL war? I'd like an explanation for that, just for starters.

Secondly, pinning down the origins of 9/11 to just one country is silly; I imagine it would be rather easy to connect terrorist organizations in a dozen different countries together... if the governments in those countries would or were able to cooperate.

Third, what does a game about killing an already dead and generally accepted horrible person have to do with targeting a current world leader? The latter is dangerous, especially in an era where you have radical elements doing things like shooting at elementary schools and blowing up shopping centers.

Finally, as humbleopinion got mostly right, Muslims have killed more Muslims than anybody. You think all those Iraqi police officers that have been killed in shootings and bombings were Christians? Do Sunni and Shiite no longer share the same faith, cuz that would be news to me?

Your comment has nothing to do with anything, honestly. You just strung together a bunch of words to air out your grievances, with no provocation, and no relevance to the subject at hand. And to make matters worse, you're uninformed on the subject. I would advise you to go back again and pay attention to everything you thought you were looking at: there's more to be seen than what you WISH to be visible.

SnakeCQC2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

many people on here know little about history and the wests involvement in many unscrupulous activities through the years and would love to educate you all but perhaps another day atm i don't have the energy to argue with hordes of ignorant people

AtomicGerbil2384d ago


Seriously, what is your problem? Most of us are well aware of atrocities conducted by "the west" , the subject of Hitler and the Nazis being part of them.

Are you ignorant enough to believe that it's only the "west" that is the problem? People in the Middle East were killing each other and whoever they could get their hands on when half of Europe were still living in caves

If you want truths, then get your head around this, every nation, race and religion at one time or another have been as bad as each other. I didn't choose to be born in the country or skin that I was and should not be tarred with the same brush as the history of that skin or nation.

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Croash2385d ago

It's only a video game, eh.

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