Trusty Bell (Eternal Sonata) PS3 images + new characters

NeoGAF member ·feist· posted some images from the PS3 version of Eternal Sonata.

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Bill Gates3935d ago

As ALWAYS the PS3 gets ALL the EXTRA goodies, thanks in part to Blu-ray, and the Cell chip, while the BABOONS just keep getting $hafted. Lost Planet anyone?.......AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAH


testerg353935d ago

You're an idiot.. When 360 gets VF5 with online, you guys say who cares. Then you get excited over games that's been on the 360 from 6months to over a year.

ruibing3935d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

It's a good RPG that I was hoping would come to the PS3. I've been waiting for this, Last Remnant, and Disgaea 3. I don't much for the extras as I much rather it sold for a bit less than full retail price.

I feel it is a pity for JRPGs to end up exclusive on the 360 if it is made up of users like you. There is no such thing as too old for a JRPG. I'm still playing old PSX ones such as Vagrant Story, FF, and Chrono Trigger even though I have a PS3. If the game is every bit as brilliant as the reviews have touted it to me, I'm sure I will hold it no grudge for appearing on the 360 first.

bym051d3935d ago

WTF does Trusty Bell even mean? Eternal Sonata sounds much better.

Trusty Bell just sounds like you translated the title from english to french to english to spanish to arameic to welsh to german and back to english.

Chad Warden3935d ago

Looks far superior to the 360 version. Not just that, but with more characters and costumes. This game will certainly sell better on PS3.

MrWonderful3934d ago

is there a release date and is this import friendly

TheHater3934d ago

I love the art style of this game. But some how, I am not interested in this game at all. I wonder why?

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The story is too old to be commented.