CES 2008: 3DV Systems' ZCam wants to give EyeToy a good punching

Israeli firm 3DV Systems has developed a product called ZCam, which is like a supercharged EyeToy. It's capable of measuring depth as well as horizontal movement, so you can properly punch and sway while playing a boxing game, for example. The company says it'll be a commercial product by the end of the year, and has hinted that it's under NDA with at least one console manufacturer - possibly to make it an official product.

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Lord Anubis3941d ago

i wonder if this is what levelup saw in the research labs.

gamesR4fun3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

could b sounds better than the ps3 one but I doubt Sony will change that... but we still got a lot of use out of the ol ps2 one. (great for the kids) So we'll prob buy one but not until they get more kids games for it...

TechWiz3941d ago

Thats exactly what I was thinking. This would be great for the 360. I cant see Sony paying royalties for this. Sony already has the eyetoy.

moujahed3940d ago

But I bet that the price will be hefty. I would'nt say it's better than the PS3Eye now... They have videos in JPN of a guy sitting infront of the PS3EYE and on the screen it adds add models to his face and body seemlessly. Plus Free, World-wide, video-chat is pretty f*ckin amazing. Aswell as next generation technology turned common.