Street Fighter X Tekken roster: Meet all 55 characters


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Street Fighter X Tekken is a game the fighting community has been waiting for years to play. But just who will you play as? We'll introduce you to all 43 members of the line-up (including the five characters exclusive to the PS3/PS Vita). Ready? Fight!

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1Victor2407d ago

Yeah Wright like I'm going to press next page 56 time for a paragraph on each character fix your site or make a list without a picture & paragraph per Character.

Ares84HU2407d ago

Well I did but this is kind of BS. This is what I've been saying Capcom will do. They just added a few more characters and they will release a "super" edition very soon screwing over early adopters like they usually do but everyone said that I'm wrong and Capcom will not do that. Now look at it. I know it's on the Vita but you can bet anything that it's coming to home consoles.

I_am_Batman2407d ago

After SFIV I won't buy Capcom games day 1 anymore. I'll wait til the dlc included edition come out. I need Blanka in the standard roster. It's one of my main characters usually. I don't get why Blanka is pushed back for DLC. He's more essencial than most of the included characters.

Army_of_Darkness2407d ago

will I be able to meet all 55 characters without paying extra??

Ares84HU2406d ago


No, probably not. This is Capcom we are talking about. They charge for different colors for costumes. I don't think they will give you fighters for free.

CC-Tron2407d ago

No Bruce Irving on the Tekken roster? They include silly fighters like Kuma and Pacman but no Bruce. Really? No purchase.

xXxSeTTriPxXx2407d ago

a huge roster with no substance is capcoms way of making you ask for dlc, when these characters are supposed to come 1st.

CC-Tron2407d ago

I hope Namco doesn't follow Capcom's lead with Tekken X Street Fighter or it'll be no purchase from them either. We have to start voting with our wallets.

I_am_Batman2407d ago

"I hope Namco doesn't follow Capcom's lead with Tekken X Street Fighter or it'll be no purchase from them either. We have to start voting with our wallets."

To be honest you get a great game for your money. If those dlc characters weren't there it would still be a good game. If Capcom would put extra hours working for the dlc stuff I would've no problem paying for it (like it once used to be with expansions for games). But the problem is that the extra stuff is already on the disc. That's the modern way of selling an 80+$ game to the consumer without the consumer knowing about it. I will still get that game when the complete version launches but I will get it used so that capcom won't get my money.

Mikhail2407d ago

Character should be unlocked when you have achievements or trophies and not DLC.

Sithlord-Gamble2407d ago

Where in the hell is Miguel? That sux that theyre not including him onto the tekken roster.

VTKC2407d ago

arent most of those already on the dam disc I paid for?

bacrec12407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

It sucks man

VTKC2406d ago

Fucking Scamcom. thats the last straw. I have had it with their dishonest ways in business. Its just preowned games from now on.