Grand Theft Auto - Life imitating Games

A Canadian man's apparent fondness for the video game Grand Theft Auto has led to his arrest in connection with an auto theft, according to police.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said Shylo Kujawski - who has Grand Theft Auto prominently tattooed on his back - was spotted acting suspiciously in a Vancouver suburb where several stolen cars had been reported.

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uuuunvnv25851d ago

just b/c he has GTA on his back doesnt mean it has anything to do with the game. now all these actavist's have some more fuel for there fire. great....just great

USMChardcharger5851d ago

yes it does, because until the game came out no one commited grand theft auto. it is all Rock Star's fault. the came up with the idea of stealing cars. this just proves it.

i am tired of video games getting blamed. they need to start looking at how these kids are being raised. it starts in the homes people.

kmis875850d ago

Seriously it's about time we realized how terrible these games are and start fighting them. It's a known fact that the first murder ever committed happened in November 1972, the same time PONG was released. Coincidence? Open your eyes people.

FeralPhoenix5850d ago

What an idiot....tell me that's a photoshop pic, and this guy isn't stooooopid enough to get a videogame name tattooed on his back!

Say's you5850d ago

Going around since cars have been invented well maybe not that early like maybe when the cars were starting to get advanced like the 70'S and the 90'S.