DmC 'won't compete with Bayonetta', but 'isn't as dim-witted as Ninja Gaiden 3'

CVG: Ninja Theory's Devil May Cry reboot is Capcom's hottest potato. A complete reboot and revamp of one gaming's most iconic characters was bound to attract its fair share of criticism, but ire has been much more than just apprehension.

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DrPepper2384d ago

i'd rather play with colgate toothpaste then play any three of those games

Frankfurt2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

Bayonetta is a better game than all Assassin Creed's put together. It's fact - AC's combat is garbage for babies that can't play real action games, the pacing is off and the whole series is unfocused as hell.

And i say that as an AC fan. Bayonetta (and Ninja Gaiden Black) is simply above any action-centric games in the last 20 years gameplay-wise.

DrPepper2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

everything you just said is subjective . i could give two shits about the combat of AC. i don't go into AC expecting mind blowing combat dumbass. i'd rather have story, characters, atmosphere, progression, and good gameplay. unlike bayonetta which lacks all that imo.

Yangus2384d ago

DmC 'won't compete with Bayonetta'

Yes its true.
Bayonetta and maybe Bayonetta 2 much better.Platinum Games rulez!

DMC weak.

Afterlife2384d ago

Metal Gear Rising will probably be better than DmC... or even Bayonetta.

Venox20082383d ago

same devs, anything can happen, but Bayonetta still is one of the best hack n slashers I've played..

Blackdeath_6632384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

when i read the title "Dmc won't compete with bayonetta" my reaction was "you don't say". the new Dmc is just a metaphor for the shite capcom are producing(i am aware ninja theory are making new dmc). they have ignored their existing fans on multiple occasions and are damging their reputation by taking existing games and succesfull games they have produced and spoiling them.

if capcom are to regain any credibility (from me anyways) they need to start a new sheet and produce new games because at the moment they arn't the good company they once were.

LightofDarkness2384d ago

Then why the hell did you even bother?! If you're not aiming to be the best, what was the point? This is effectively admitting that it's a blatant cash-in.

kent800820072384d ago

To you it's a cash-in but DMC fans may have to disagree with you

LightofDarkness2384d ago

I am a DMC fan. This is a cash-in.

Summons752384d ago

DMC fans hate this game and the idiot developers who think they are god tier and better than everyone, everything, and their sister. This game looks terrible and nothing what DMC is suppose to be.

Redempteur2384d ago

only ninja theory fans would disagree

vikingland12384d ago

Why did StealthBlitz get dissagrees with that link?

Karlnag32384d ago

It might have something to do with the person quoted in the article being from capcom and not from Ninja Theory. Ninja Theory it seems just want to make the game they've been asked to make to the best of their ability, what capcom hopes to accomplish is something entirely different.

While I expect DmC to be a good game, I doubt it will beat Bayonetta overall. It'll probably have a better told narrative and possibly a better story, but in terms of the combat... with half the frame rate it's not going to out-do Bayonetta on that front. It just won't have the fluidity or the complexity in terms of combos. The combat does still look solid however.

Blackdeath_6632384d ago

lol they must be out of their minds. no way in hell.

Klipz-Wish2384d ago

I don't get this article are they quoting their correspondent that had hands on with the game or Ninja Theory

Croash2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )


"It's simpler than Bayonetta, but DMC is never as dim-witted as God of War or Heavenly Sword or even Ninja Gaiden 3," said our previewer.

It's pretty clear.
What a great title for a preview article! /s

No wait, it's actually a piece of "news" quoting the preview article.
What the hell, CVG?

ShaunCameron2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

God Of War dim-witted? SMH. I take it as the previewer hasn't played many action games let alone good ones.

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