Crysis 3 might take place in a city again, players will use a bow

DSOGaming writes: "From the looks of it, the game will take place - again - in a city and this time around, players will be able to use a high-tech bow."

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noxeven3478d ago

since its orgin only wont be getting it, unless they smarten up and re release crysis 2 and then this on steam

iNcRiMiNaTi3478d ago

That will never happen. EVER

The fact that they didn't release BF3, Syndicate and Mass Effect 3 on Steam shows that they would rather keep their new AAA games on Origin and not release them on Steam.

They don't even want Crysis Warhead on steam, once you reach your 5 install limit for Warhead and you ask for new keys they'll refuse to give out anymore Steam keys but they're willing to offer you the game for "free" on Origin instead with a fresh new set of keys

john23478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

yeap, sadly C3 will most probably be another 'BF3' (meaning that they'll try to push their Origin distribution service via it)

TheModernKamikaze3478d ago

Can't play since motherboard is 2008 and can't upgrade ram to 4gb since Windows 7 professional 32 bit.

cannon88003475d ago

I'm guessing your pc has a micro atx motherboard?

TheModernKamikaze3474d ago

yes, how did you know!? Seriousl?

cannon88003474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

@ Themodernkamikaze

LOL sorry if I freaked you out, but I know a lot about computers because I took classes back in high school and even before that. I learned about pretty much everything, including different form factors for motherboards. But the reason that I thought that your motherboard was a micro atx was because those circuit boards usually accepted less ram than standard atx motherboards a few years ago. Now it might not be the same case. The companies that make micro atx motherboards probably thought to themselves, "We shouldn't add that much ram support for this motherboard because if consumers want to have more ram, they might as well spend a few more bucks and get a full sized standard-atx motherboard.

Candy13477d ago

No to Origin spyware from me, so goodbye Crysis 3.