Capcom x Sega x Namco Game Finally Announced: Project X Zone RPG

At long last the secret project is revealed!

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Snookies122408d ago

Sorry, but if it's got Capcom in it, I'm not buying. After all the crap they've done lately, I cannot support any of their games in good conscience... Though it's always nice to see more RPGs around...

Redempteur2408d ago

i take it you never tried namco x capcom on PS2 ?

You should try as it is a very good game

Snookies122408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

Well no, though I didn't mean they made bad games... Just that they're so money hungry it's not even funny. A company that places money above their fans' happiness is bad enough, but Capcom takes it to new heights.

Redempteur2408d ago

instead of complaining about capcom , why not try to talk about the game itself ..
In you mindset , they can do anything and you'll still complain.

Are totally forgetting Sega & namco are in this too ?

ScubbaSteve2408d ago

Capcom will make sure the game comes out with day 1 on-disk DLC.

Namco will hold the game hostage until we buy their other rubbish games and blame the consumer saying there is no market for the game in your region.

Sega will have to put up with Namco and Capcom preventing them from making that HD Valkeria Chronicles sequel I've been wanting.

Hisiru2408d ago

Stop being so childish, kid...

It's not about Capcom because Capcom isn't even making this game (even with Capcom characters on it), it's about the game itself.

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LX-General-Kaos2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

This game will be an excellent addition to the already superior Nintendo 3DS AAA lineup of games. Three of the legendary greats working together to show the Nintendo supporters true traditional strategy rpg gaming. As the months pass things just keep getting more exciting in the world of Nintendo and the Nintendo 3DS entertainment console. The list of talent backing this game (found in the article) is a dream come true. Never have I witnessed this many talented developers working on a single project.

Nintendo is no slouch when it comes to rpgs on their legendary handheld systems. This is another shiny drop in an already full and healthy bucket of exclusive AAA jrpg titles.

Hopefully this will lead to an information blowout come this E3 2012.

Rated E For Everyone

Smashbro292408d ago

Even though I still hate your whole advertisement thing I think this game should be fun. At least to see X beat down on Ulala.

LX-General-Kaos2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

agreed this game will be amazing. I am on team capcom as far as characters go. I need more details on exactly how this game will play.

And it has been a long time. We can learn to co exist on this forever changing website.

Mirrikh2408d ago

But.. but but I wanted a fighting game.

sknygy2408d ago

I'm actually glad it isnt another fighting game. The 3DS has every major fighting game covered, bar Soul Calibur (altho there is that rumour)

noxeven2408d ago

another cross rpg that wont see the lite of day over here im betting but its on 3ds which rocks for those owners but sucks since never gonna see the light of day over here and if it does its gonna be one of those niche games so its gonna be release on 3ds last bit of life