Borderlands 2 Limited Editions On The Way

GamingLives looks at the announcement of the two limited edition Borderlands 2 sets: "For this scavenger and hoarder, however, there was something a little more exciting on the horizon – news of two upcoming limited edition sets which, surprisingly for the gaming industry, won’t just be a handful of unlock codes and a lenticular cover thrown on to what appears to be a regular edition of the game."

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LiquidT2567d ago

Want want want. That is all I really have to say on this. Except, WANT!

TheModernKamikaze2567d ago

Oh man I don't have money for that but freaking want.

gaminglives2567d ago

I'm normally against paying that sort of money for game sets, as they're usually just a dodgy looking statue and a few item codes thrown in but, as a total loot-whore, I can't wait for these to be released. Souls will be sold to buy them! ~Mark

banjadude2567d ago

Something with Claptrap would be great, too.