Controlling the Battlefield: FPS Freek Elite Review

Craig Bryan from takes on FPS Freek Elite by KontrolFreek. The first question you would naturally ask is – does the product actually work?

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StayStatic2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

These things are great and it doesn't stop at first person shooters , also really helps with 3rd person shooters too. Will always go with the Keyboard and Mouse if I have choice though in an FPS anyways.

Fastbullets2382d ago

I love these, It does take a while to get adjusted to them but on FPS it's a big difference, you will turn much faster than you ever could with regular sticks the accuracy you can have is amazing & their inverted & grippy. For the PS3 controller it seemed easy to adjust to the height difference. The only negative is once you put them on, you'll never take them off. Everyone who's tried them that I know has bought them.