Rumor: Capcom releasing "Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Bundle," includes all major SF titles

( While wandering the show floor at PAX East 2012, we heard some interesting news at the Capcom booth regarding the fighting game giant’s plans to release a bundle including multiple Street Fighter games to commemorate the series’ 25th anniversary.

It was exposed that said “25th Anniversary Bundle” – coming out later this year – would be a compilation of all major Street Fighter titles.

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DrPepper2474d ago (Edited 2474d ago )

"includes all major SF title" i guess you get the other side ones as DLC huh crapcom.

Ashunderfire862474d ago

Yup on the disc LOL!!! for $10 bucks... Oh wait...Let fans subscribe to Capcom Elite!!! And get a year worth of DLCs for $50 dollars!!! Beat that Call of Duty Elite LOL!!!

DrPepper2474d ago

capcom elite? dont give them ideas lol

vortis2474d ago

You forgot to mention, for the Super Elite for only $100 you also get alternate costumes and colors.

And for the Super Turbo Elite subscription for only $150, you get an extra turbo option in all the games.

And for Super Turbo Elite Premium subscription for only $200, you get all the games, all the colors, turbo mode and the ability to play multiplayer since that wasn't advertised in the previous versions.

And finally, in the Super Turbo Premium Elite Herp Derp Capcommie subscription, you get all the previously mentioned goodies plus first-access to disc-locked content before anyone else (with a $1 sur-charge for unlocking content early) and everything advertised in the booklet (only for the PS3 version). Disclaimer: Super Moves, Super Abilities, Special Moves and hyper modes are require an additional fee.

stonecold32474d ago

xmen vs street fighter all super street fighter marvel super hereos vs street fighter and all street fighter 3 and im happy to buy this

LX-General-Kaos2474d ago (Edited 2474d ago )

Day 1 purchase

dark-hollow2474d ago

Could be interesting if priced right.

come_at_me_bro2474d ago

This would probably just be SSF4: Arcade Edition bundled with download codes for HD Remix and 3S: Online Edition.

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