GamesTM Exclusive: Resi 6 to feature 3 campaigns

Talking exclusively to games™, Resident Evil 6 executive producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi and director Eiichiro Saski discuss the implications of the sequel’s splintering narrative.

The hot news is that Resident Evil will feature 3 campaigns: “To start, the three characters each have their own story and you can choose whichever one you want and play that story,”

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DrPepper2408d ago

at one point when the first trailer for this game came out. i honestly had this horrible idea that capcom would come out with three different versions of re6 and make everyone pick and choose which version they liked best and whichever one sold more would be the formula they would then go off by to make future titles

NukaCola2407d ago

This what Kingdom hearts Birth by Sleep did? I personally think the game was great but playing all three characters was repetitive. They could of had all three campaigns rolled into one long game and change it up with action, story, and survival horror elements. If it's 3 fully different games that's cool, but if it's the same game 3 times with minimal differences then no thank you.

granthinds2408d ago

3 campaigns?! How about one good campaign, hmm?

DesVader2408d ago

Hehehe, law of averages maybe - at least one will be good, then you will have your wish.

schmoe2408d ago

"So when you play as a different character you’ll be able to do different things that you couldn’t do with others"

Welcome to 1999 :-)

DarkBlood2408d ago

im lost lol

if i may ask, what game in 1999 did this?

schmoe2408d ago

Everquest? Admittedly I did pull the year out of my bum to illustrate a point that its not exactly a new concept, but everquest fits.... kinda :-)

8bit_Nes_Rambo2407d ago

Try RE2 with the Claire or Leon scenario back in 1998. The concept isn't even new to the series.

baodeus2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

It goes way back even before 1999. Try and play Quest For Glory release in 1989.

PirateThom2407d ago

The Capcom/Shinji Mikami epic "Goof Troop". Same campaign but the characters have different abilities.

So, to make the point, Capcom have done this before.

SovereignSnaKe2407d ago

-Hmm, So Leon's story will be the Resident Evil 1-2 Style, Jake's story will be Resident Evil the Resident Evil 4, and Poor Chris will be stuck in the Resident Evil 5 world.. This time in a better location! -- 10 hour stories a piece seems pretty decent, we must remember that most people have horrible attention spans these days, Even mine is slipping... :(

3dawg2407d ago

chris' might play like ORC based on my observation, complete with sprinting and cover system. i hope it wont

kevinsheeks2407d ago

"When talking with Sasaki later, he does expresses concerns that people prefer shorter games these days – about 5 hours. He says Resident Evil 6 should last around 30 hours, but because of the separate character stories it remains digestible to modern audiences."

For 60.00 and the dlc i am sure will come you can add all the hours you want capcom I won't complain I promise :)

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