Digitial Journal: 'Operation Raccoon City' DLC adds more insult to injury

Last month Slant Six Games and Capcom insulted gamers with 'Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City,' a failed attempt to retell one of the most iconic video games from a different perspective. Now they have added insult to injury with the 'Spec-Ops' DLC.

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VTKC2408d ago

whoa whoa hold on there a minute. Ease up on the hate.Slant Six made this game. They dont have any involvement in Resident Evil 6.
When you say milking it. The DLC was over 200 MB. When downloaded. Its not on the disc like what Crapcon usually does.
How is this article a review? I didnt read anything about the DLC, who it plays, whats involved.
Crapcon is terrible yes but lets give constructive critism rather than just blind hating here.

suicidalblues2408d ago

Yeah, that's a really poorly written "review".

typikal822408d ago

The guy couldn't even spell "score" correctly.