Top 10 Gaming headsets 2011-12

Gamerzpedia: Checkout some of the top gaming headsets made specifically for hardcore gamers.

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DudeJets2566d ago

How are the turtle beaches in there but not the Logitech g930? Madness

CarlitoBrigante2566d ago

They all suck or are very expensive that you could buy a car.

Sony Wireless Stereo 7.1 Headset are the best!

arjman2566d ago

All surround sound headsets suck compared to a decent pair of audiophile cans

hiredhelp2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

I got cheap turtle beach x1 is it idk my creative headset died needed one cheap quick so bough shopto for £29.99 barguin i though had no issues nice quality nice sound.
Oh" nice paire ear muffs too keeps ears warm in winter.