Nintendo franchises that need a revival

As most of you may know, Kid Icarus: Uprising released not even a month ago on the next gen portable Nintendo 3DS. A revival no one, not even Nintendo, saw coming in its future. Some screamed, others fainted, most were shocked into skepticism and the real question always was: How is Nintendo going to pull it off? Fans rejoiced and from the user base it not only sold good but it was a delayed revival well worth the wait. So why couldn't Nintendo pull it off again?

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guitarded772383d ago

Three great games... I'd like to see a console Kid Icarus on the Wii U. Ice Climbers was such a great game... in that vein I'd also like to see an updated version of the original Mario Brothers. As for F-Zero, Wipeout HD is an excellent alternative.

dark-hollow2383d ago

what about the earthbound/mother series?
nobody seems to remember those gems from the old days.

ill take earthbound game on the wii u over those listed anytime.

Cablephish2383d ago

I'd rather not have a new Mother/Earthbound as the series is perfect as it is. Having it re-released on the 3DS though, that's something I'd like to see.

Lord_Sloth2383d ago

Ice Climbers was the shit for me and my brother years ago! I loved that game!!! Was ecstatic when I saw they were in Melee. XXXD

StayStatic2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

Duck Hunt go go xD

ScubaSteve12383d ago

what about a remake of the stadium game

3GenGames2383d ago

Stadium Events? AKA World Class Track Meet? LOL! Why would you? You have no pad, the Wii already has too many crap fitness games, and the game wasn't spectacular at all.

Terrible idea. Hopefully you don't mean Stadium, Stadium Events is by Bandai.

thebudgetgamer2383d ago

I always wondered why they never made another Mario bros. game.

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