Ninja Gaiden 3 Review: BuzzFocus

Team Ninja throws every element that makes being a ninja great out the window in Ninja Gaiden 3. For series fans dating back to the NES, Ninja Gaiden 3 is a watered-down hack ‘n slash game, which can make your thumb with remorse. The Ryu Hayabusa you know and loved has been whittled down to a one-trick, one-button soldier with little depth and way too many QuickTime actions.

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cbclerk2409d ago

That's disappointing. Hoping for better.

dark-hollow2408d ago

Totally deserved.

That's what happens when you screw your fanbase for the sake of streamlining and appealing to the casual audience.

sly-Famous2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

Afew weeks ago I defended the title but after playing a few hours I must say that this is a black mark on what should have been a great trilogy, I wont say the game is as horrible as some reviews make it out to be but then again its not a very good game either.

mobhit2408d ago

To each their own. I thought it was decent.