$1,300 Premium Edition revealed for Resident Evil 6 in Japan

Capcom has revealed their $1,300 Premium Edition for the Japanese version of the upcoming Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 survival-horror game, Resident Evil 6.

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Nitrowolf22567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

So you get the game, 4 tablet cases, and a leather jacket all for $1300.
Yeah what a great deal!!!
The jacket must be marked up extremely high

Snookies122567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

It's an amazing deal!!! Oh wait, was about to go off on this edition's insane price, but then I remembered who it's done by... Capcom!!!!!

CarlitoBrigante2567d ago

Crapcom never learns it, I applaud everyone pirating their games.

Snookies122567d ago

That made me lol so hard... I don't like pirating, but I gotta agree, something needs to be done about their horrible business practice. It's like they hate their fans or something, I dunno what their deal is to be honest.

jthamind2566d ago

the rights to the Resident Evil franchise isn't even worth $1,300 anymore.

badz1492566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

U can buy 3 PS3s for that price and a couple of games too!

And people should be worried about this. Why? Because it's very likely that they will include all the extra content into this version and god knows how much they will trim down the normal version of the game to make way for DLC!

Perjoss2566d ago

jacket comes with a hood, but you cant use it until you buy an unlock code from capcom.

pangitkqb2566d ago

You'd have to be one hell of a Resident Evil fan to want to sped that kind of dough.

GraveLord2566d ago

Good thing its optional huh?

bruddahmanmatt2566d ago

The amazing thing is that even with the $1,300 price tag, the DLC will still cost you extra.

zeeshan2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

The problem with Capcom is that they have their heads so far up in their asses that they don't even care what they are doing to their business and their rep. In my opinion, when it comes to shoddy business practices and ignoring decade old fanbase CAPCOM is right up there with SQUARE ENIX this gen and I am not even talking about this ridiculous $1300 edition (which is optional of course).

Kevin ButIer2566d ago

A jacket? thats can get a tailored jacket with good quality for less. And lets be honest... no one will notice its a RE6 jacket

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jc485732567d ago

lol, did anybody buy Inafune's jacket?

exsturminator012567d ago

How on earth does this have disagrees? Did anyone buy Inafune's jacket? It's a valid question!

GoldenAge2566d ago


You must be new here, there will always be people that will hit disagree regardless what the post contains. At best it's someone who accidentally clicked disagree when they were trying to agree at worst it's someone who gets their kicks from seeing people react to the disagree.

kevnb2566d ago

Ive seen comments that completely contradict each other get the same amount of disagrees probably from the same users lol.

Ness-Psi2566d ago

people have multiple accounts and agree and disagree with people they dont like and give themselves bubbles, sad really.

zeeshan2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

The admin should simply remove the disagree button. One AGREE button is enough ala FACEBOOK.

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jonboi242567d ago

Actually you from what I heard the leather jacket's zipper doesn't work, you have to pay for that function in the future..... on-jacket DLC, only from Capcom.

_Aarix_2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

Break out the scissors, its pirating time!

zeal0us2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

Hey Crapcom April fool already passed....oh god they are serious :| joke is on me :(

TheIneffableBob2567d ago

For that price, it better be a real leather jacket.

Real, high-quality leather jackets go for $500-800 (something like Temple of Jawnz), and even much higher (Julius).

ChrisW2567d ago

In Japan, anything leather is extremely overpriced because it's considered 'fashionable'.

zeeshan2566d ago

TheIneffableBob: I don't want to read between your lines but God I hope you are not trying justifying this.

DeadlyFire2567d ago

The jacket is real and extracted from the game world. So Leon actually touched it. Makes it worth tons of cash.

smashman982566d ago

Pirating the game won't get you 4 tablet covers nd a leather jcket 60 dollars will get u the game tho as well as pretty much anyother game

gedapeleda2566d ago

game- 60$
Jacket- you can get a good one for 100$
4tablet cases- dont know what it is.Is it for Ipad?
Whell the overall is max 400$

violents2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

I agree except a "good" leather jacket is probly along the lines of 200-300 and a designer leather is prob what they are charging and i would guess is 700-1000(way overpriced by my standards but if you got the money to blow please send it to me instead)

Oh and at those numbers would still mean your paying 300 bucks for some crappy tablet covers(not brand specific so who knows if they fit what you have, if you have one) and a game, what crapcomtastic deal.

cyclindk2566d ago

Walmart has this same deal for, 1299.95. Roll back..

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DarkBlood2567d ago

well pretty expensive, but i always wanted a jacket like leon's lol

oh well an insane edition i wouldnt be able to get if it came over here

Giru0172566d ago

Search "leon kennedy jacket" on ebay and save yourself $1,200.00, since they go for around $100.

dark-hollow2567d ago

1-buy the premium edition.
2-sell it on eBay later for a much higher price.

kaveti66162567d ago

1 - Buy a book on humor
2 - Read it.
3 - ?????
4 - Stop using old memes.

Kingdom Come2567d ago

1 - Press the Green + Sign
2 - Press the Green box labeled "Funny"
3 - ?????
4 - Plus Bubbles for kaveti6616.

ChrisW2567d ago

1 - Stop... That's it... No more!

Ness-Psi2566d ago

1- look at post and A SQUIRRLE!!

sorry i'm easily distracted.

ChrisW2566d ago

Squirrel??? Where??? Oooh! Looooky! A squirrel!!!

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Magnus2567d ago

No collector console for that price you could do two collector consoles for PS3 and 360. Throw them into the deal I don't own a tablet so the covers will be useless to me. I am not a big fan of a leather jacket thats marked up high in price. Surprise they don't include DLC into the package. I agree with Dark Hallow E bay the thing after a while there are collectors who will pay for this kind of stuff.

WeskerChildReborned2567d ago

Whoa so the jacket is $1200 the tablet cases are $40 and that game is $60. Sound's pricey