CES 2008: Metal Gear Solid 4 frame rate in flux on PS3

Sony Corp. demonstrated Konami Corp.'s Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots for the Playstation 3 on Mon. at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV.

The latest build of the next Metal Gear entry held a frame rate at 30 frames per second and 60 frames depending on the on-screen actions.

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unsunghero283939d ago

30 frames/second is quite playable, not to mention we still have a couple months or so before development is over.

I'm not too worried; Kojima hasn't let us down yet.

socomnick3939d ago

I would say as long as it does not dip below 20 fps its playable I know they will be able to keep it above 30 though its not like the game is that graphically intense.

Regret3939d ago

If it's 25FPS and solid, it's very playable. Most of your movies runs at 25 frames.

Hatchetforce3939d ago

Tightening up the framerates is the very latter part of development. You get the title to playable status so you can lock levels, features and AI. After that you polish. No Problem.

And by the way, it has been reiterated as a PS3 exclusive.

If you want to know why the misleading title was put there, I will tell you. Bitterness and jealousy.

sonarus3939d ago

whoa i was quite content with 30fps frame rate but if they can pull of 60 that would be something

karlostomy3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

until it comes out on the 360.

hahaha! 22 disagrees! and counting!

That was supposed to be a joke you pathetic rabid fanhorde!

BrianC62343938d ago

This is why developers are better off not showing unfinished games. This is a non-story but gets written about. Is that site an Xbox site? I've never heard of it before. Framerate issues are usually worked on later in development. Sometimes problems are caused by other issues that will be fixed.

ravinash3938d ago

It looks like most of the game will be running at 60fps most of the game anyway. Its only when lots of stuff is flying round on screen that it'll drop to 30fps and this is only so it can keep the detail.
Thats a nice bit of programming.

mikeslemonade3938d ago

MGS4 won't be better on 360. The game is made for the PS3 so whatever PS3 can do the 360 won't do as good. Look at burnout or dmc4 the PS3 has better frame rate in that game.

nitramn4g3938d ago

"1.8 -
MGS4 won't be better on 360"

Yeah, just look at Virtual Fighter 5. oups that right it was superior on Xbox360.

solidt123938d ago

Playable at 30 and 60fps. That's a cool trick. I never heard of a game using both. I think they may be on to something that alot of developers might start doing.

Kees3938d ago

@1,9 far as I know the only thing about Virtua Fighter 5 which was superior on 360 than PS3 was the online capabilities. The textures on the PS3 version are better than the 360 version... ;)

mikeslemonade3938d ago

VF5 is one year old and during that time the people really had a hard time programming for PS3 and they probably didn't know the final specs of the PS3 when they started developing for the game. Nonetheless the game is an arcade port so it didn't push either system. MGS4 pushes the cell and the 360 doesn't have a processor like the cell so i find it very hard to think the MGS4 port will be better than the PS3.

Douche3938d ago

Those taking this news negatively need a vocabulary lesson. For one thing, the wording is wrong in the title. It's not "in flux", it's influx (one word). That is a compliment in this situation. It means flowing, so they are saying, the framerate is flowing even when transitioning between 30fps and 60fps. The fact that they are accomplishing such high framerates constantly with so much going on is very satisfying.

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nevelo073939d ago

so misleading like it was bad

Blademask3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

I approved because I want to see how fast it turns into a 'bwuahwuah the cell cant do 60fps' even though the text says it rarely hits 30fps. Which is still better than any 360 exclusive.

On top of that...

Its not even beta.

Lmann3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

Yeah, I am not real happy with the title myself. But, to be fair, He did just use the same title of the punchjump article.

Hatchetforce3939d ago

It isn't like the last 360 exclusive had blazing frame rates *cough* Mass Effect *cough*

But to state this again. At 6 months out the game is just entering beta stage. Judas Priest take a powder.

solidt123938d ago

I have been seeing misleading titles all day on this site. like the one article about the PSP abandoning UMD for Blu-Ray. That was really taken out of context. The are going to put PSP movies on the Blu-Ray Disc so you can copy them to your PSP from the PS3 and someone decided to Spin that as UMD is going away. At no time did they say UMD is going away. That was pure speculation.

mirroredderorrim3938d ago

If you mean Xbox 360 had better anti-aliasing, you're quite right. If you also mean Xbox 360 version looked like everything was made of plastic, you are also right.

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JIN KAZAMA3939d ago



Marceles3939d ago

"On the Wii, of course the game'll be called Devil May Cry...Wii owners are supposed to cry, but if the game was on that PS Triple? It'll be called Devil May Run Up On A N*gga"

lol...i couldnt resist...

sanjay093939d ago

chad didn't you have that ps3 vid on youtube

Meus Renaissance3939d ago

I cannot wait for this game. I've never lined up for a game, but I'd do it for this.

fopums3939d ago

damn skippy, I will probably play threw half the campaign in one sitting just becuase I've wanted to know whats happend so long :D

ReBurn3939d ago

It won't be necessary to line up for this game. There are going to be so many copies of this on the street that people will have no trouble finding one.

name3939d ago

Should be expected from a game that isn't even close to finished.