5 Upcoming Games That Kinect Owners Should Be Excited About

TheCrapgamer of writes:
It’s hard to believe that Kinect has been out for less than a year and a half, so far Microsoft’s hands free motion control add-on is exceeding everyone’s expectations and it seems to finally be hitting a stride when it comes to games as well as other features. One of the things that I personally like about Kinect is that it offers a diverse lineup of games, there really is something for every type of gamer. Even if you’re not into motion controls, Kinect offers voice controls and if Mass Effect 3 was any indication, those voice controls can come in handy. Sometimes Kinect shines the most when it’s not even a game that requires owning one. Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary, Forza Motorsport 4 and Mass Effect 3 have gone a long way in proving Kinect’s versatility.

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