IGN - Are Nasty Gamers More Likely to Lose?

IGN - Inconsiderate, aggressive or emotional gamers "generally do not do well" in online play says new report.

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Dante1122566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

True, I remember when a got my launch 360 and played online for the first time (no party system then). The smack talk was incredible on Live but it was usually the one doing the most talking that ending up with the most deaths or the main cause for the team losing overall.

LOGICWINS2566d ago

It also happens the other way around. When people lose..the smack talk starts.

I remember in the UC3 beta, this guy was getting owned by what sounded like a Hispanic dude. And like a child, instead of admitting that he lost fair and square, the racist comments began.

Also in RB6: Vegas, I shot some dude in the face, and sure enough he responded with "f*^king n*&%er!"

Cursing online is fine, but racist remarks should automatically be grounds for being suspended for a month. It gives online gaming a bad name and discourages new online gamers from joining in the fun.

2566d ago
BitbyDeath2566d ago

@kvlt666, i usually do the exact same thing.I hate talking to people on mics so i just don't bother.

MariaHelFutura2566d ago

Anger rarely gets you anything in life, not just gaming.

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dark-hollow2566d ago

The more angrier you get, the shittier your play becomes.

Valenka2566d ago

I couldn't agree more. I find that going online with a positive attitude and kindness not only makes you play better, but it makes the overall experience better for yourself and other gamers.

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