IGN Rewind Theater: Resident Evil 6 C-Virus Trailer

IGN dives deep into the latest Resident Evil 6 trailer to uncover its many secrets. Who is the mysterious woman? Is that really Sherry? And what's the deal with that mercenary? We tell you.

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MultiConsoleGamer2564d ago

Ok, I didn't think it was possible for me to be excited about another Resident Evil game.

But I am...

Jls12563d ago

lol @ Calvin Klein ad before trailer

Tdmd2563d ago

Wow... there are zombie swinging swords now. I once joked about zombie ninjas in the next resident evil game before sixth was even announced... it seems we're not far from that reality.
Never thought I'd be this unexcited for a Resident Evil.

aDDicteD2563d ago

very nice rewind and info's there. i didn't see those things when i watched it the first time