New Info for Metro: Last Light; upgraded engine, present in E3, improved UI, HUD, and controls

DSOGaming writes: "THQ's Community Manager, Joe Walz, revealed some new information about Metro: Last Light. According to Walz, Metro: Last Light will be present at this year's E3 and THQ might share some screenshots and trailers before it. In addition, 4A Games has been hard at work to redesign the user interface, HUD, and controls. The company believes that these were some of Metro 2033's flaws and an area they are putting a lot of focus on for its sequel."

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NYC_Gamer2409d ago

I really hope THQ promotes Metro this time around

DrPepper2409d ago

thats if THQ is even around to put this game out.

Staude2409d ago

I hope it lives up to Metro 2033.. Oh, and preferebly with fewer bugs. The game was awesome, but spending 40-50 minutes in that mining cart was pretty long.. Especially since I had to do it, even if i reloaded :P..

Still though, game was worth it.

morventhus2409d ago

Metro 2033 was first my favorite book
Then one of my favorite games
and now looking up to be a favorite sequel
Heres hoping THQ funds and advertises it well

QuantumWake2409d ago

I'm not going to lie, Metro 2033 was damn awesome. An under appreciated game imo. It's one of those "lowkey" favorites. lol

Bring on Last Light! :D :D :D

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