Sweet Candy and the Undead: Lollipop Chainsaw Charms Our Hearts and Eats Our Brains

Matt Randisi writes, "What do giant heart shaped lollipops, a tricked out school bus straight out of a B slasher flick, an iconic Japanese game developer and a smoking hot blonde cheerleader wielding a menacing weapon of mass dismemberment have in common? More importantly, isn’t it great to actually have an answer to that question? The Lollipop Chainsaw booth at PAX East featured all of these things, and offered up a gameplay demo that deserves quite a few cartwheels and pom pom shakes. It was certainly one of the most popular games on the show floor as the endlessly long lines will prove, and most anyone who endured and conquered the wait will likely agree that it wasn’t just the demo that rewarded our patience; it was the entire Lollipop Chainsaw experience."

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