No More Heroes developer still doesn't have a Wii U dev kit

Despite Nintendo making it clear that it intends to strengthen third-party support with the Wii U, No More Heroes developer Suda 51 has revealed today that he still doesn't have access to a Wii development kit.

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Shok2471d ago

Wah? Suda said a LONG-ASS time ago that he was going to put No More Heroes 3 on the next Nintendo system, so why doesn't this man have a dev kit yet? This disappoints me because I was actually expecting No More Heroes 3 to launch this or next year. Thought he was working on it this whole time.

Splooshington2471d ago

I think a lot of people assumed this was the case. No More Heroes 3 could have been a brilliant launch title too. It's strange to think he hasn't even started working on anything Wii U related yet.

Shok2471d ago

I know right?

Nintendo, get this man a dev kit!

MmaFan-Qc2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

both NMH bombed on the wii, wasting time on the wii u would be a mistake, target audience just doesnt give a fuck about the wii, same thing happened with MadWorld, game was on the wrong it bombed.

it will end up on ps3/360 wich is where the target audience is.

butthurted nintendo kids hitting disagree in 3..2..1

stragomccloud2471d ago

Though you say they bombed, and why yes, compared to titles like Call of Duty, the games did bomb, the "No More Heroes" franchise on Wii is actually his best selling franchise ever. His games are always brilliant, the problem is, they always lack that certain mass appeal.

dark-hollow2471d ago

Shame. It would be a fantastic launch title.

No more heroes in glorious full HD. *droll*

RaptorGTA2471d ago

I could have sworn Suda said after NMH 2 was released that NMH 3 wasnt going to be a Nintendo exclusive. Im probably wrong.

mike1up2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

Not sure what to say about this one.

It's no excuse, but perhaps Nintendo was kinda sore that they went multiplat with NMH.

jc485732471d ago

he had nothing to do with NMH going multi plat.

ZeroG192471d ago

Dammit nintendo get suda 51 a dev kit asap, so we can get nmh 3 in glorious hd...

jwk942471d ago

He's busy with the ps3/360 right now.

BattleAxe2471d ago

He must be, why would any studio sink much time or money into the Sega Dreamcast 2? This console is bound to fail.

vallencer2471d ago

Yeah he is. It's called shadows of the damned which came out two years ago and lollipop chainsaw.

Splooshington2471d ago

Battleaxe, thanks for that really insightful comment. You must really know what you're talking about. Please, tell me more.

jwk942471d ago

I don't know why people disagreed with me. But yes, suda is developing a ps3/360 exclusive at the moment.

RockmanII72471d ago

@Vallencer Shadows of the Damned came out last year

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