Project CARS gets first comparison with Shift 2 and a new 'night' lighting demonstration

DSOGaming writes: "YouTube’s member ‘Jonz66′ made an interesting comparison video between Project CARS and Shift 2. Jonz66 captured footage from the Bathurst track and we can immediately notice some differences between them."

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chukamachine2409d ago

Project cars lighting is more like GT5.

I've tested both, and can't wait for P.C Release.

Shift's blur is awful, and the lighting is not as good, it's more like grid.

Either get a decent pc and play project cars are buy a PS3 and play GT5. or do both like me.:)

Letros2409d ago

I agree, Shift 2 has that yellow "piss" filter that Grid had.

I'm currently playing through Project CARS as well, can't wait until they add multiplayer :-)

hiredhelp2409d ago

Shadows from trees missing shift alot And notice the road was better I gota put bf3 down download latest build get back into it.

dirthurts2409d ago

I've been waiting for a game like this for a long long time. It's looking amazing! I can't wait. I'll wait for the final build though.

SandwichHammock2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

I simply won't pull my punches here, Shift 2 (at least the console version) looks and runs like a bag of ass. Plus from what I know about games, the assets are pretty much the same for the PC albeit using higher resolution for the objects, so it still most likely looks and runs like a bag of ass.

I was excited to get Shift 2 for free through PS+, then I played it... ugh.