Bring It Back: WIzards & Warriors Edition

Don P. writes: "It's always a 50/50 chance that a retro title being resurrected is going to suck. Wizards & Warriors has plenty of potential in today's market and would make a fine addition to any digital library."

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mike1up2382d ago

I (re)beat W&W late last year, and it still holds up very well imo.

Sobaer2382d ago

I agree; I played it again a few years back. It still holds as one of my three favorite retro titles, and I really think with the right creative force behind it, a W&W4 would be an amazing game this-gen.

rogimusprime2381d ago

They Need to bring back Iron Sword. W&W2
Sure Fabio was on the cover, but the game was damn good!