Defending The Right To Be Original | This morning Stéphane D’Astous, the General Manager of Eidos Montreal, told Gamasutra “Games are more and more sophisticated; it’s less based on one or two mechanics. I think this replaces the necessity of having new IPs.”

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I totally agree.

Many press say that innovation is the key but I would like to add to that that execution is even more critical.

How many games have had great ideas but were poorly executed? Sometimes letting a title cook for a little longer will have a much larger positive result.

Cennus2381d ago

Absolutely agree with this.

Hicken2381d ago

Nice article.

It's easy for devs to become comfortable with making the same IP repeatedly, but I think it's just as important to not stop coming up with new stuff. And although it's true that proper execution is important, I think it's secondary(though very close) to actually getting the idea out there.

Two_Sheds_Jackson2381d ago

Are we seriously having this discussion?

We need new ips, now more than ever with the game industry on the verge of complete collapse............

No more valkyria? no more the world ends with you? no more last story? no more uncharted? no more anything new?

How unbearable