SurvivalCast 80: Super PAX East 2012 Spectacular

The SurvivalCast crew of Tom (@Letsgetacid) and Craig (@NJMane) are set to discuss all the latest from the gaming industry. The majority of the week was spent in Boston at PAX East 2012 (well, Tom’s was at least). The crew discuss all the games he was able to demo on the show floor including: Borderlands 2, Hell Yeah!, Runner 2, Sleeping Dogs, Max Payne 3, Mark of the Ninja, Bloodforge, Dyad, Quantum Conundrum, Wakfu, Heroes of Ruin, Final Fantasy Theatrythym, Risen 2, Crimson Dragon, Steel Battalion and much more.

This week’s news was a trickle due in part to PAX East, but we managed to discuss Sony’s 10,000 layoff plans, Take-Two CEO claims that THQ won’t be around in six months, Mass Effect 3, Wii U rumored release date and possible price, graphical shortcomings that await the Wii U and more!

Don’t forget to follow the show on Twitter (@SurvivalCast). Feel free to shoot us question and comments for the next show. Thank you for listening and enjoy the show!

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