Dragon's Dogma's First DLC Includes 100 Side Quests

If you have a twitter, you might want to retweet the trailer for a chance to win the first DLC for FREE. This $7 DLC contains 100 side quests that offer a wealth of loot for players to get their hands upon.

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DrPepper2406d ago

LOLOLOLOL "first DLC batch" why am i not surprised. crapcom never fails to make me feel to just go on a f***** rampage sometimes.

aPerson2406d ago

Pass. It's unfortunate, because I was really looking forward to the game.

I'll wait for a super/ultimate/complete edition.

kasasensei2406d ago

Put it on the disk if it's already ready...
I hate your greedy behavior capcom, really.

RedDead2406d ago

Oh yay! DLC! I Love DLC! Especially when it's already on the disk. Thank you capcom! I was actually considering buying this game but now? eat shi* and die.

LAWSON722406d ago

Wont buy a game because of dlc that's sad

Reborn2406d ago

Would you prefer he buys the game then stands in the street, with a sign post, protesting?

Not purchasing the game, is small, but it's much better than any other move. The only way DLC attempts like this will end, is when companies see it doesn't work. Sadly, their is no end in sight.

Captain Qwark 92406d ago

i hate when they boast about the "quantity" of quest.....all that usually tells me is that most quest are gonna be lame fetch quest with minimal story.....

id trade all 100 of those quests for 5 high quality, lengthy quests in a heartbeat....

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