VGrevolution talks with Victor Ireland about contents of Class of Heroes 2 Deluxe Pack

VGrevolution recently had the chance to talk with Gaijinworks president Victor Ireland (founder of the legendary Working Designs) about the contents of the Class of Heroes 2 Deluxe Pack that an entire Kickstarter campaign with MonkeyPaw Games is centered around. Ireland also discusses about the improvements that would be done to the game if the campaign funds.

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almehdaaol2571d ago

Some really cool additions there. More people need to spread the word about this. So many JRPGs at stake much more than just Class of Heroes 2. CoH 2 is just the beginning.

Two_Sheds_Jackson2570d ago

I donated 500 and there isnt a chance this game makes it

1) Its getting localized regardless so alot of people are ok with just dd

2) 500k is alot, and I dont think thats the cost for 7k physical units

3) Most people just didnt like the first game, and people wont be able to get over it

if this was suikoden psp, 7th dragon 2, valkyria 3

it would off been reached already