The Ultimate Final Fantasy VIII Movie Cast List

GamingUnion: "Welcome to another Ultimate Movie Cast List with me, Lauren. Last week Adam got to play around with Resident Evil, so this week I'm super excited to be doing a cast list for one of my favorite games of all time, Final Fantasy VIII."

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mephman2408d ago

Good casting. I especially like Shia LaBeouf's mention, not because he so much looks the same, but because he's an annoying, whiney little ponce.

Snookies122408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

Hahaha, great list here... Shia as Zell though!?!? Nooooo, Zell is much too cool to be Shia! D:

Also, too bad Cid wasn't in there lol.

RedDead2408d ago

"annoying, whiney little ponce."

This somes up zell for mwa

Regent_of_the_Mask2408d ago

I'd rather have them pick good voice actors and make some kind of animated movie.

Snookies122408d ago

Yeah, Advent Children-esque would be nice to see. Though if they WERE to do a live action, these are some pretty good actors based on looks alone. XD

VanillaBear2408d ago

I would love for them to do that

It;s a shame other FF titles don't get the same type of treatment FF7 does.

I would love a film or even a sequel for FFVIII...hey just because Ultimecia is dead dosen't mean theres going to be peace in the present.

Damn I wish they would use that Rinoa is Ultimecia theory...and they have to change the events to stop it from happening. They've done time travel may aswell do differen't timelines

If they did do a proper film though I think each disc is a movie, you can't fit everything in one film, it would suck.

Hicken2408d ago

I don't follow the Rinoa=Ultimecia thing, myself. There'd need to be some reason for her to hate SeeD, which she doesn't have. If anything, she's got too many reasons to live SeeD(the organization's existence being the only reason she ever got to meet Squall, among other things). And I seem to recall there being something unusual about Ultimecia's accent (the whole k instead of c thing she had going on) that hinted that she was from a specific area, but I can't remember that, now.

That aside, this is a pretty good cast, based on looks alone.

VanillaBear2407d ago

Well the theory is that she hates SeeD because since she is now a Sorceress it means she will last longer then a normal human she watches her friends die of old age it becomes to much for her and when Squall dies, he "knight", she hits a breaking point and her grief takes over.

She would go on to transform Greiever, Squalls necklace/ring, into a GF for comfort but since you forget your memeories the more powerful the GF when you junction she forgets everyone even her own name but she still feels like she wants to go to the past becasuse thats where Squall and her friends her the reason to use Time compression and with people in the future hating s Sorceress more then ever she becomes an outcast. Even with Squall fighting her when he comes to the future she still dosen't reconize him as she's already let evil take over.

....It's something like that

fozzness2407d ago

I definitely was not a fan of Advent Children, to be honest...

Wigriff2408d ago

Why are you casting arguably the worst entry in the series, after XIII? heh.

VanillaBear2408d ago

It did things better then FF7....that says a lot

It's only "hated" because it wasn't a true FF7 sequel, even though every FF game is differen't anyway. All the "complaints" people have with this game are basicaly nitpicking complaints that can easily be explained off.

If we take FF13 for example that was hate well deserved

If FF8 or even FF9 came before FF7 you would of loved it.

Wigriff2408d ago

Way to make assumptions skippie.

I didn't like Final Fantasy VIII because of the awful narrative, erratic exposition, unlikable characters, shoddy game mechanics, overuse of masturbatory CGI sequences, etc.

In short: It was a bad game.

Final Fantasy VII wasn't even the best Final Fantasy. Most younger people like it because it was their first experience with an RPG, so it holds a nostalgic place in their hearts. It was a good game, and broke new ground - but both IV and VI were its superior.

Additionally: An ellipsis only has 3 dots in it.

fozzness2407d ago

Ah k.. so Wigriff is a FFVI fanboy then... It's always that... VI, VII, VIII, or IX.. if you like VI... you hate all the other games. If you like VII, you hate all the other games.. if you like VIII or IX, you're open minded to the other games.. I disagree whole-heartedly.

The CGI sequences were amazing.. and were mostly used to introduce a main character, show drama, or just for show. I see nothing wrong with that. VII would've had it too, but they didn't have the technology yet.

Game Mechanics were different not shoddy... and if you didn't like them it's because you didn't understand them. I was 10 years old when I played this and I got along just fine. Unlikeable Characters... sure there are quite a few character casts that are better (I for one like IX's more) but that hardly means they're terrible. Tbh, that's an insult to Nojima, one of the best Final Fantasy writers ever.

Additionally, obviously you have a bug up your butt about something, and I'm really sorry about that. :S