Let’s All Complain About the Mass Effect 3 Ending (PlanetXbox360)

Gamers in general are an interesting breed, which pretty much goes without saying. When we learn about a new game that is coming out, we hype and we hype and we hype some more. During a triple-A title’s pre-production, gamers are the jolliest group of optimists you’ve ever seen. But the moment that game is released, a transformation occurs that turns us into disgustingly cynical A-holes, whose only dreams consist of the game’s developers reading our cruel comments on our favored video game message board. It’s a problem we may need to work on. The latest phase of Internet hate is being directed at Mass Effect 3, or more specifically, the ending of Mass Effect 3. The three endings have all been met with anger and a general consensus among the gaming community that they totally suck. Well, the gaming community has been wrong before (Remember how dumb Zelda Wind Waker looked before you actually picked up the controller?) and they are wrong now.

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LaurenKB1232408d ago

Couldn't agree more, except that I wanted a different ending from all those!

LightofDarkness2408d ago

Exactly, yet another author who isn't really getting the problem at hand. What's starting to p*ss me off more than the ending of the game is all these ignorant "journalists" who feel the need to leap to the defense of billion dollar corporations and tell everyone who complains that they're just being naughty and immature, and they just don't understand the "creative vision" behind everything.

Valkyre2408d ago

Great piece indeed. This whole "ogh my God what kind of ending is this" needs to stop...

for crying out loud, stop already. MOVE the FACK ON...

varsek2408d ago

All of you here who agree with the journalist dude(including him) fail to realise that we were told many times before and after the release of ME3(By BIOWARE) that those decisions which were made BY US in previous ME games will have a HUGE !!! emphasis on the HUGE, impact on the ME3 ending. I didn´t see any HUGE impact of my decisions the ending. Or do you think that the massive difference in colour is the outcome of those decisions ? If you don´t know what are you talking about then shut up

AtomicGerbil2408d ago

What would these journalists prefer we do?

If we keep quiet we are doing the industry a disservice by not letting it know what we do and do not prefer. Thereby leaving it to make mistakes that lead to less and less sales, ultimately leading to loss of jobs.

Or we can make our dissatisfaction known, mistakes can be rectified or avoided and everybody wins.

Either way, we are probably wrong to these journalists.

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