EA Wins Worst Company In The Worse Poll Made

PushStartSelect: "First off I have been a part of several rather large websites. I know what it takes to get companies to even acknowledge you exist, let alone support you. However even with that being said if EA being the worst company out there was agreeable, we would have reported it all day long. Even if EA was sending us free swag or telling us not to, we have no need to filter what you read and you deserve to read it. The thing is, the vote was so unprofessional and so horribly done that I don’t understand why it has any standing ground at all. We didn’t report the news all day, because it isn’t news…its a shameful representation about crying fans overruling actual greedy and corrupt companies. I do understand the need to attack EA for their ways, but they are not the only video game company that needs a wake up call either. "

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AllroundGamer2384d ago

lol at the BF3 pic, sadly momentally the worst combo EA + DICE... (BF veteran here)

Drazz2384d ago

EA sucks, simple point.