Journey Soundtrack Now Available For Download From iTunes And Playstation Store

Trendy Gamers: It’s no secret that we enjoyed Journey when it was released last month, awarding it a perfect 10 in our review. The game went on to become the top-selling game of last month and if you want to be able to listen to the brilliant soundtrack of the game, you can now do that.

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banjadude2384d ago

If you are a fan of Austin Wintory (the composer for the game), and you signed up for his newsletters, he gave you the soundtrack for free. He also gave you (if you signed up early) additional songs (not sure if it is from the game though).

Very generous of him!

Rampaged Death2384d ago

It's not the actual soundtrack that he gave away.

Rampaged Death2384d ago

Already bought. It's a steal at the price as well.

Hicken2384d ago

Such great music. I'll have to get my hands on this.