Dragon's Dogma unleashes Phantom Ogre and Undead trailers

Dragon's Dogma, the game that will be bundled with the beta for Resident Evil 6, has broken free in a pair of trailers from the Captivate event. If you're still unsure what the game's about, check out our preview from late last year.

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DrPepper2384d ago

so let me get this straight crapcom can do zombies RIGHT!!!, in dragons dogma but in resident evil they are mentally incapable of doing that. they just find ways to screw it up like zombies holding and using guns? dumbest crap ever, matter of fact dumbest company ever.

8bit_Nes_Rambo2383d ago

Looks like a Souls game. I'll probably pick it up if the gameplay is up to snuff, but so far it looks great.