Steel Battalion has four-player co-op, two videos and one pack of screens

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor has an intriguing array of tanks and mech-like vehicles with gigantic guns for players to control, using Kinect to grab, pull and lean while a controller views, aims and shoots. Steel Battalion will feature four-player co-op, Capcom announced, meaning that's eight arms flailing and 40 fingers flying at a single time.

This schema could get messy, but if the three-hour line to play Steel Battalion at PAX was any indication, From Software may have found the perfect balance between ergonomics and entertainment.

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Drewminati2380d ago

OMG i can't wait , 4 player coop : )

Dlacy13g2380d ago

That makes me extremely happy. I wonder if its campaign coop or different missions altogether?

Forza_is_King2380d ago

Say what you will but this game is looking really good. I no longer have any worries about the kinect implementation.

Day 1 buy for me. Can't wait however I would like to know more about the multiplayer. The 4 player co-op is icing on the cake.