California GameStops Now Have To Put DLC Warnings On Used Games

GameStop stores in California will now have to warn you when their used games come with one-time-use online passes or additional fees for downloadable content.

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pixelsword2475d ago

Gotta love killa Cali; they look out for their consumers.

Food labels,
game labels,

and not DLC warnings.

sickpup2475d ago

That should be required by anyone selling games containing requirements new or used. Not everyone knows which games use online passes just from seeing the box. While I refuse to buy any game that has them simply out of principal it is still good to enforce it.

SKUD2475d ago

They should put cost of ownership break downs too.

guitarded772475d ago

Interesting idea... kinda like food info.

SilentNegotiator2474d ago

Cost of ownership breakdowns, eh? Those would be some looooong stickers....

*$60 to play online every year
*$10 for the real ending
*$10 for the online pass (on used)
*$10 for the cool armor in that one commercial
*Your soul for supporting the makers of this game (on new copies of games)

Total cost of ownership: Not ****ing worth it

BubloZX2474d ago


What does that have to do with anything? You still need to have an online pass to play online games like MW3 or UC3. Sure ultimately its cheaper then 360 online but in the end its not completely free anymore if you need to buy a pass from the publisher of a certain game.

Hicken2475d ago

I think it should be illegal to have online passes in the first place.

jidery2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

PC has done it for years with CD keys, why is this all of a sudden a problem?

SilentNegotiator2474d ago (Edited 2474d ago )

Perhaps it just started affecting an additional few userbases? Like, 200+ million people? Console gamers?

And contrary to what you seem to think, not all PC gamers ARE perfectly happy with those sorts of things.

Christopher2474d ago

First of all, 200+ million people? Yeah, get out of here with that bogus figure. There aren't even 200+ million PS2s sold, let alone any console this gen.

Second of all, PC gamers may not be happy with it but they're not writing inflammatory articles about them at all. Hell, Steam, which is the exact same thing as forcing new game purchases w/DRM, is lauded as one of the greatest things to happen for gamers this and last generation.

Now, having said that, you can still be against Online Passes, but don't use such crappy logic to defend it.

ShinMaster2474d ago (Edited 2474d ago )

We don't want any product keys/serials or DRM bull.
That's one of the areas where consoles have an upper hand over PC gaming.

SilentNegotiator2474d ago (Edited 2474d ago )


I combined ALL of the consoles, silly. This crap is starting to affect all 3 consoles. Thus, potentially 200+ million more people. Now, obviously, not everyone buys games with passes, and for certain not everyone on the Wii, but my point is still that a MASSIVE number of additional people are being affected all at once.

And what crappy logic? I said that not ALL pc gamers are happy with the status quo, in response to jidery speaking as if NO pc gamers had an issue with it.

But the thing is, if you're still a pc player, than you've obviously decided to put up with it. Otherwise, consoles are cheap, and pretty much any pc player could get out of it if they really wanted. And consoles used to have the advantage by NOT having ridiculous measures put on them. It was plug and play.

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Soldierone2475d ago

The Gamestop here already tells people "hey this game has a online pass you have to pay for, If I were you i'd go with something else if you don't want to pay another ten dollars"

kma2k2475d ago

I have been in a lot of different game stops & i can honestly say i have NEVER heard someone at gamestop ever say anything along those lines! If a manager overheard an employee saying that i would assume they would be fired for disuading a purchase!

Soldierone2475d ago

Lol so because YOU never saw it or had it happen to you, it must NEVER happen to anyone lmao....

First off there is a difference between gamestops. I know the manager of several gamestops over here and they allow their employee's to do this, its good customer service. They are not recommending a cheaper game, they are recommending a similar game with no online pass. Often times its either game savvy people wondering, or people asking about the price.

Most importantly they do it for regulars (yeah people that go to the same store often get benefits) and moms with a little kid with them. If they are just stopping by or being annoying, then no they don't do it for those people.

they are not denying a sale they are just telling you "hey this has an extra fee" and a lot of their games have a pre-paid code. I saw someone talk about it, got recommended Uncharted 3 and Resistance 3 because Gamestop had a deal that they provided the code.

Disagree's can stack up, it honestly means nothing because its a personal experience lol....couldn't care less if no one else had that happen. Gamestop haters are gonna hate, have fun with it while I enjoy my video games.

kma2k2474d ago

damn soldierone thats a very long reply. I was simply stating i had never seen it i didnt say it would never happen. Truth of the matter is im a proud gamefly member 112 games in two years & proud of how many game i get to play. I have told anyone who will listen how much money they throw away shopping at gamestop, but everyone has there own opionion of how to get there games. At the end of the day just have fun & enjoy gaming!

Christopher2474d ago

***Lol so because YOU never saw it or had it happen to you, it must NEVER happen to anyone lmao....***

Don't see where kma2k said that. No one said you didn't hear that or that it was untrue. The person shared their experience, which happened to differ from yours.

Soldierone2474d ago (Edited 2474d ago )

It wasn't only targeted at you. At the time I have 5 disagree's and you were the only one that commented on it.

Dont take offense to it I'm just simply stating more to the story, and ever since I did I got 3 Agree's so it obviously worked lol I understand the confusion as N4G commenters are normally hostile, and I apologize for my lack of smilies lmao

Personally I think people just need to learn how to use gamestop and second realize that they are a business. They are not going to buy a game for 40 dollars then sell it for 40 dollars, there is absolutely no point to it and people don't understand that. I personally just took several games I couldn't sell myself to Gamestop and got 2 games for free....I listed them all on Ebay for nearly two weeks, and left them on craigslist for a month, but Gamestop took them still.

Godchild10202474d ago (Edited 2474d ago )

Whenever a Gamestop employee scans a used game that has a online pass, another screen will pop up and let the employee now that there is a online pass or DLC for that game. So the employee can let the customer know about it and the employee can try to up-sell it.

Gamestop tells us to let the consumer know about it and try to sell them the online pass or DLC for a game that has one, if gamestop sells the online pass.

Maybe the employee never mentioned it to you or maybe you have never bought a game that has a online pass.

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Sillyace922475d ago



He never said it doesn't happen, calm down

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