THQ Talks Layoffs, Says They Can’t Afford to Ship Darksiders II, South Park Until They’re “Perfect”

In an exclusive interview with RipTen, Executive Vice President of Core Games, Danny Bilson, talks Warhammer 40,000: Dark Millennium, Darksiders II and South Park RPG.

We also discussed the layoffs at Vigil and Relic and how Darksiders II may not ship on June 26 as planned. Also, South Park RPG may not arrive in 2012.

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PirateThom2568d ago

Shouldn't companies be shipping "perfect" games anyway?

DrPepper2567d ago

well it seems by that statement they pretty much deserve to be in the position they are in. i just feel bad for all the people that will possibly lose their jobs thanks to the decisions of these corporate assholes.

badjournalism2568d ago

Well that confirms South Park will never ship. Should have gotten anyone other than Obsidian on it...

noxeven2568d ago

if there gonna release why not just do download release instead of retail same themselves some cost

majiebeast2567d ago

Well who ever thought making Udraw for ps3 and 360 was a good idea basicly killed the company.

Reborn2567d ago

Can't stand when these corporate people talk about layoffs. It's your blatant BS that caused it. Least accept your bonus loving pals, have caused the damage. Common sense could tell that THQ wouldn't last long. Not going they way they were.