Will Spark screw up Lost Planet 3 or have something to prove?

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, Legendary - Spark's back catalogue of games isn't inspiring. Could they screw up Lost Planet 3?

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NYC_Gamer2475d ago

The studios track record doesn't lie....

ShadesMoolah2475d ago

Let's hope they are a bit more in touch with what gamers want this time.

RaidensRising2475d ago

I thought both those games really sucked badly. Fingers crossed they do better with third person action games.

Kingdom Come2474d ago

As I stated below, apparently the game is looking phenomenal, fortunately the game is being developed in accordance with the original Lost Planet development team and on a much higher budget then Sparks previous outings...

jc485732475d ago

this game has a higher chance of getting canceled IMO.

bunt-custardly2474d ago

No way. Lost planet is fairly successful for Capcom even though the last game didn't do as well. I doubt very much that it will be cancelled. Capcom must see something in Spark to trust they won't mess up the development and let's face it, they must have been impressed with the figures for Spark's other games.

Gearshead752474d ago

Spark....hmmmm. Oh yeah I remember them, they push out piles of crap right?? What a major let down!! Even more so than Slant Six doing Operation Racoon City. 2 of least favorite developers....

We can only hope for the best....

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