Xenoblade Chronicles is the Wii's last gasp

Xenoblade is an old soul. Its structure and gameplay could have brought about a Wii RPG revolution if only Nintendo had localized it sooner.

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barefootgamer2567d ago

This is pretty much the only game I've ever considered borrowing my parents Wii to play. Well, this and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

THR1LLHOUSE2567d ago

Wow, not even Zelda or Mario or something? I'm pretty sure Nintendo doesn't think people like you actually exist.

Hicken2567d ago

There are quite a few like him. I'm one of them. Mario appeals to me from a nostalgic point of view, but it's not a game I'd want to spend $50 on. And I've never been into Zelda.

But JRPGS...

The only thing outside of titles like Xenoblade Chronicles and the rest of Operation Rainfall that's REALLY caught my eye is Forgotten Dreams, and that was due entirely to having listened to a copy of the soundtrack(I was and still am amazed).

LoaMcLoa2567d ago


Forgotten Dreams? : o Never heard of

You sure you don't mean Fragile Dreams?

ronin4life2567d ago

... the last story comes out in june...

Venox20082567d ago

I think Ninty can reveal something new for Wii at E3.. other thing: can't wait for Pandora's tower and Fatal frame 2 remake

jagstatboy2567d ago

just picked up my copy today.

mbuff2567d ago

I'm trying to get a hold of a Wii just for this game.