Unfair Achievements – is it even ‘achieving’ any more?

TVGB: "I have found a strange phenomena occurring as of late. Have you ever booted up your shiny new Xbox 360/PS3 game and bypassed everything only to go straight to the achievements/trophy screen? Let us see what we have got to do on this game to get fifteen points to expand the ever belated symbol of power and status that is our gamerscores (for the sake of this article I will be using Xbox terminology, but I am speaking of both)."

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TheSuperior 2386d ago

As an achievement addict i hate when the achievements are so hard they are nearly impossible to get... drives me nuts lol

Convas2386d ago

Ahh, yes, I too have been struggling with that. Most recently, the Zombie DLC achievements in Black Ops. It's such a perverse mix of luck and dumb luck that I've sunk over 20 hours into Call of the Dead alone, and I don't have ANY achievements for it.

I've pretty much given up on ever getting 100% completion on Black Ops.

Wintersun6162386d ago

Trophies that require half or even more luck and an insane amount of skill are a cancer. Also if you have to farm one opponent or item spawn for tens of hours, then count me out. I wanted to get each character an ultimate weapon in FF13, but I gave up after 20 hours of killing Adamantortoises and I only had 3 of the required 6 items to make those weapons.

Also I hate trophies like AC:B's Role Model, which is described: "Get all the Co-op bonuses in 1 session". You pretty much have to have 3 other guys with you who are all after the same trophy. You could play 100 hours of AC MP and not get that trophy, unless you specifically find 3 people who want it too, which is absolutely stupid if you ask me.

But I don't mind hard or time consuming trophies if they are doable without a huge amount of luck or hours and hours and hours of something mind numbing repetitive task. A good example of such trophy would be MGS2's Virtually Impossible, ie. complete all VR missions. Yes, there was over 500 of them and yes some of them we're very hard, but I had a good time going for it and it's my proudest trophy so far.

t0mmyb0y2386d ago

I'd like to achieve that pic.

CarlitoBrigante2386d ago

Some trophies are really lame, they're not there for you to earn, they're just pathetically hard to get that no one will try to get them.

DasTier2386d ago

I know what you mean, did you ever play ghost recon advanced warfighter? I recall it gave you 12G for becoming the no. 1 ranked player... in the world.

Skynetone2386d ago

I think trophies should unlock after you finish the game

it should stamp out those fake trophy hunters, and will bring back just enjoying your first play through

DasTier2386d ago

I'm Sorry, but what? How is the way someone else plays through there game any concern of yours? Sure if its a multiplayer game and they were just boosting or something that affecting the game, but why should someone be forced to play all games in the way you choose?

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