Starkhawk preview- on the ground and in the air with all the toys of an RTS (but none of the fuss)

PS3 Previews: Gears of War without cover? More like Battlefield in space!

Jets, ‘mechs, speeder bikes and tanks, who doesn’t love a game that feels like a toy box? That’s what we thought playing Starhawk, the upcoming vehicle obsessed shooter exclusive to the PlayStation 3. Senior Producer Harvard Bonin couldn’t agree more. “Basically, we give you the toys, you make the plans.” He and his team at Sony’s Santa Monica Studios are whipping up one hell of a sequel to the 2007 multiplayer gem Warhawk.

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BitbyDeath2408d ago

Just one more month to go.
I can't wait XD

Rhezin2408d ago

I know right? I went into the beta thinking ahh this is gonna be an OKAY game cuz I played Warhawk awhile back and didn't like it. But after two straight weeks of playing Starhawk, man this series has completely changed my view. It's one of those games I literally CANNOT wait for, and it's a multiplayer game not an epic single player game like I'm used to preordering and waitin on. THIS GAME IS GONNA BE F!CKING SWEET! I can't wait to see the new weapons, vehicles, and maps.