INTERVIEW: BioWare's Handheld Ambitions

The head of BioWare's new handheld games group tells Next-Gen why the DS is best suited for the company's unnamed debut handheld game, and the status of the new handheld group.

Earlier this week, Mass Effect developer BioWare announced that it would be taking its first step into the handheld gaming arena. Interestingly, the company skipped on the PSP this time around, and chose to develop for the DS. speak with virtual jock-turned role-player Dan Tudge, founder and former president of Exile Interactive (co-developer, World Series Baseball 2K2, 2K3, Toxic Grind). The newly appointed BioWare handheld project director tells us why the company hired a sports guy to do an RPG, the possibility of PSP development and the challenge of squeezing a BioWare RPG onto a tiny DS cartridge.

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