Multiplayer Addiction: The Reason, The Repair, The Result

Do you spend countless hours playing video games online every day? Do you feel the urge to be the very best at every game you get a hold of and challenge players on a daily, hourly or even minutely bases? If you answered yes to either of these questions then you might be suffering from on online multiplayer gaming addiction. An addiction to gaming is no joke as many players are consumed by its grasp every day. Online gaming can take hold of one’s live and shape it in ways unimaginable. Rather people want to admit it or not they could be suffering from an online gaming addiction. If you find yourself addicted to multiplayer video gaming then you might want to consider looking into the reason for your behavior, the repair you need and the result from compulsive gaming...

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TheSuperior 2380d ago

I am a multiplayer addict and im proud!

Homer14212380d ago

games like MW3 are just a step down and ruin multiplayer, we need more game changers i.e Halo 1 etc..


Only a few titles MP gets me addicted and even then it's only for a couple of weeks.

TheGrimBunny2380d ago

I think when you start pissing in a bottle it is time for some professional help.

abombletap2380d ago

oh god..please dont remind me.