Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC available in North America Today

Square Enix has announced New Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC. If you live in North America its available for you to download today.

The following you’ll be able to download are

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zaz122570d ago

waste of money
Gay game

Army_of_Darkness2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

It went super gay when I seen the mass effect 3 DLC outfit trailer!! like WTF?!?!

Regent_of_the_Mask2570d ago

I agree. This game is homosexual.

Hayakuzima2570d ago

Noel isn't even half the man Shepard is, and Serah is a little bitch compared to FemShep.
Neither of them deserve to wear their outfits.

Alexmiller3182570d ago

If you didn't like the game, why are you reading articles about it. Also, going out of your way to insult it? XIII-2 is a fun game give a chance and stop all the homophobic-12-year-old talk.

iamtehpwn2570d ago

Pretty much. Homophobic Kids on N4G who claimed to have played this game, when we all know they didn't. I understand how some people were people expecting something different out of an FF, but to say XIII-2 was a bad game is completely untrue to almost anyone who's spent any real time with it.