An old Game Boy saved me from buying a PS Vita

When the PlayStation Vita launched, I didn't buy one — or even pre-order one, which seemed odd to a few people who know my affinity for Sony.

I've written about the device numerous times on CNET, and enjoyed many extended gameplay sessions with major launch titles at press events. I kept up with Vita chatter on jumbo-sized gaming forums, like NeoGAF, reading about the trials and tribulations of the new system from faithful early adopters.

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TheROsingleB3452d ago

Clearly you have not played Castlevania: Circle of the Moon or a lot of the other quality GBA titles.

JohnnyMann4203452d ago (Edited 3452d ago )

Doesn't the DS play GBA games? Mine does. I have the old ugly grey one.

Nerdmaster3452d ago (Edited 3452d ago )

I have the old Red one that came with Mario Kart DS. It's certainly uglier than my 3DS, but it sure is way more confortable to play. Playing Mario Kart 7 makes my right hand hurt like hell after some races. I never went through this when playing MKDS.

I wish Nintendo released a "gamer's version" of the 3DS, maybe uglier but bigger and more confortable, not only the "pretty but unconfortable and aimed for the mainstream like Apple products" style they adopted since DS Lite.

Venox20083452d ago

there aren't as much quality titles on GBA as there are on DS.. sure GBA has a lot, but not as much as DS ... plus yes - DS can play GBA games too :) so there's double win..

MaxXAttaxX3451d ago

DSi, DSi XL, etc, don't play GBA cartridges.

GBA definitely had more quality titles than DS.
Not only that, but a GBA could also play original GB games.

Also, this article reeks of fanboyism.

I could write an article about how a two generation old system like the PS1 "SAVED" me from buying an Xbox 360.
But of course CNET would never do that.

It's ridiculous.

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jujubee883453d ago

I owned a GBA when I was young, and it lead me to buying a VITA.

Funny how life works, eh?

Angrymorgan3452d ago

The only handheld I've ever hadwas a game gear....and that got stolen on toy day at primary school.

I'll get a vita though if/when we get a price drop

SaiyanFury3452d ago

I owned a GBA, and I own a GBASP. As well a DSLite, and a Vita. I'll never get rid of my classic consoles, they have so much presence, haha. :)

pain777pas3451d ago

What Jujubee88 typed may seem "fanboyish" to some people but I truly feel that the successor to the GBA is the Vita aswell. GBA was the best portable gaming device without gimmicks. It was all about great 2D gameplay. The Vita is a swiss army knife for gameplay. Ninja Gaiden Sigma plus is the best example of the progression on the handheld front. The game is completely playable, comfortable and is an action game only rivaled by the PSP GOW titles and PSP MGS titles. The GBA was the first system that brought the 2d classics to the handheld without compromises like the Mario advance games, Castevania, MK, and DK. It also brought one of my favorite RPG series of all time, Golden Sun. Vita is the first handheld to bring 3D classics to the handheld space without compromises and In many ways some enhancements. The Vita is the true successor to the GBA in relation to 2D gaming for 16 bit and some 32 bit games as 3D gaming 32bit -128 bit gaming. Vita is awesome.

jujubee883451d ago

"Golden Sun" on the GBA was a shinning example of a console-like experience packed into an "on the go" device. The amount of RPG action and graphic fidelity was (at the time) a true eye opener.

P.s. I do not hate myself (and others) enough label myself with the "fanboy" moniker. Make of me what you will; I just write stuff on n4g (and have fun while doing so). :)

AtomicGerbil3452d ago

Another swipe at the Vita by Cnet.

JohnnyMann4203452d ago

Typical CNET. All of their strange idiotic articles like this regard Sony.

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