How does Gaming Contribute to Less Face to Face Interaction?

So we already know, with technology on the rise, that people have less face to face interaction with friends or just people in general. When someone wants to talk to someone they send a text, when you want to hear about your friend’s latest vacation you look through their Facebook album… all of these thing affect us as humans. When it comes down to the underlining case of less face to face interaction it could be a number of different things like the computer, Television, or Cell phones but when you look at the smaller picture how does gaming contribute to less face to face interaction?

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TheSuperior 2382d ago

I have to admit i think gaming has deffinetly affected my social life x) along with other electronics... i should work on that


I think it's only the online portion that really affects me so much but even then it has only a small impact on my social life.

TheGrimBunny2382d ago

In some ways it's good for people that are hermits or have social anxiety or something. But I think it is really bad when someone does good in a game and it makes them feel like they have accomplished something as productive as something in the real world such as getting a new job or promotion. That kind of false confidence is unhealthy, but I suppose it comes down to the gamer.

Jake_the_Dog2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

Bring split-screen back! This no online only for the majority of games pisses me off.

ShaunCameron2382d ago

I don't know. Technology or no technology, some people just happen to be antisocial like that.

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