VGChartz: European / Others Charts for Week Ending 06th January 2008

DS: 310,951
Wii: 158,351
PS2: 122,242
PSP: 121,699
PS3: 114,896
X360: 91,696
GBA: 8,087


The European numbers have been adjusted:

DS: 301,018
Wii: 146,788
PS3: 125,196
PS2: 122,242
PSP: 111,941
X360: 88,916
GBA: 8,087

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Relcom5440d ago

They did beat the Game Boy Advanced

CeruleanSky5440d ago

The same day Warner dumped HD-DVD the little Xbox fanboy, ioi, who runs the joke of a site went on a temper tantrum and suddenly decided to 'correct' the worldwide PS3 numbers - slashing them by over 200k.

Get this garbage out of here.

Ioi and his site are banned for the crap he spreads on every reputable gaming forum on the Net.

mikeslemonade5440d ago

The PS3 actually beat Wii and 360 in Spain, Italy, and other. It looks like Wii is coming back to earth in Japan and Europe.

TheTwelve5440d ago

PS3 rolls up 360 like a blunt and smokes 'em again....


solidt125440d ago

The PS3 still selling good after Xmas. The 360, well like Relcom said "They did beat the Game Boy Advanced" Priceless. lol

sticky doja5440d ago

Wow, the PS2 is still beating the PS3 and 360 in these territories.

WilliamRLBaker5440d ago

PS3: 114,896
X360: 91,696

lol a diference of what 25k units *laughs hard* stupid droids.

mistertwoturbo5440d ago

36k, +40k from Japan. So that's 76k more worldwide. However giving the 360 the benefit of the doubt, it still sold 40k more than the PS3 in NA. But that's only temporary. By Q2, that's going to change quite nicely.

The Brave 15440d ago

The Xbox 3shitty is almost the same price as the wii in europe and it still got its a$$ whooped!This is even more troubling when u count the fact that the PS3 big titles havent come out yet!GO BLu and Play BeyonD!

The Brave 15440d ago

Wow this dumb A$$ masterg just tried to spin these numbers more than Toshiba and Hd DVDead!PS3 rules!Play Beyond

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power of Green 5440d ago

Are you kidding me how did the gap between the PS3 and the 360 get so small so fast in Europe?.

HarryEtTubMan5440d ago

lol its the week after chrstmas and the PS3 is 400$, not the price of the Wii like 360. You should be asking yourself whats gonna happen when the PS3 is also 250$ in a year or so.

masterg5440d ago (Edited 5440d ago )

The 360 had a 9.9% marketshare last week and a 9.9% marketshare this week.

The PS3 had a 12.8% marketshare last week and a 12.4% marketshare this week.

So what you're celebrating is a 0.4% drop in PS3's marketshare. Thats a cool 366 xboxs360 sold. Now that's a gain that will make the stocks go through the roof.

Blademask5440d ago

You get owned with every post you make.

SWORDF1SH5440d ago

you should be a ms rep. your tryin to put a positive spin on a bad situation for the xbox 360. its being outsold in europe, japan and worldwide. i dont see it changing anytime soon. and sony havent even released any big hitters while the 360 has already released their biggest hitter, halo 3.

nitramn4g5439d ago

M$ is not even trying in these country, have you seen the release dates. If they had the same games we have in NorthA then sales would increase. Still I can't beleave people are bying PS3 with games like Little big planet and FF13 behind delayed until 2009. Thank god it plays movies!

dantesparda5439d ago

Err,...correction fool! More like 13.8% for the PS3 & 9.8% for the 360. So try again.

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MaximusPrime5440d ago

PS3: 114,896
X360: 91,696

The gap is just kept increasing.

WilliamRLBaker5440d ago

Last I checked and someone else posted it 360 last week was 9.9% this week 9.9%....ps3 on the other hand 12.8% this week 12.4%.....

power of Green 5440d ago (Edited 5440d ago )

Sorry TANOD I see you changed your mind again and you are approving this after all.

TANOD5440d ago

This is not duplicate.

paul_war5440d ago

@ POG, I think its 'other' quite a difference there.

Still look at Spain, sold more units this week then the UK!

So it goes America --> Japan --> Spain!