Positive Fan reactions to Kinect Star Wars

Whilst there's a slew of negativity towards the recently released Kinect Star Wars, believe it or not there are many gamers enjoying this latest Star Wars romp.

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bunt-custardly2409d ago

This game has had a bad rap but I'm sure some people are enjoying it because how many other "average" games sell loads and are enjoyed?

RaidensRising2409d ago

I think I'll pick this up once the price drops - which will no doubt be soon enough :)

aviator1892409d ago

Well, as long as the consumers enjoy it, that's good. I'm sure my little bro would love it.

Gearshead752408d ago

This is really on my "must play list" but not a top priority. Maybe I'll pick it up in a few weeks especially since many people are enjoying it. I think the negative reactions are from people who were expecting a different kind of Star Wars experience.