Delightful Rant: Battlefield 3's Shortcut DLC and Rent-A-Server Program

Danny Luksa and Gage Cloutier from the ButtonMasher Podcast rant about the latest Battlefield 3 Shortcut DLC and Rent-A-Server Program.

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glennco2384d ago

having been into Bf since BF2, played BFBC1/2 and 200+ hours in BF3, i now don't really care for the game since the rent-a-server come through. twice now i have sat down to play and been completely unable to find any DICE/EA servers. 2/2 times. the level of incompetence in DICE updates is astounding. i am not interested in other people's idiotic game modes, i just would like to play on the servers i have poured 100's of hours into already.

if i do a search for DICE i get US servers mainly... i am the other side of the world. give me the option of filtering out custom servers (it seems to be there but does shit all). but this won't even help as that will leave me with no servers anyway.

way to go DICE, i have been converting people from CoD since BFBC1 and now I don't even want to play it myself

JOHN_DOH2384d ago

What's so bad about the custom servers? I play on pc but I don't think I've played on a DICE server. I just play on servers with good connection to me. If you looking for a specific game type just set up the filter and favorite servers you like so you can join them without searching.